I am a student and keen cyclist living in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England. I am interested in photography, meteorology and geography, and a have a love of the outdoors. This blog intends to record my cycling exploits (both long tours and short day trips) in the form of a photographic online journal.

I was first inspired to begin this blog after undertaking a 1,600 mile solo tour of England and Scotland between 8th July and 2nd August 2010. This is the first ride to be detailed in my blog.


4 Responses to About

  1. peter says:

    Read yourpost on Bike rdr forum.
    Just wanted to say how much i enjoyed your blog, particularly the “fLood” on LOchranza. I stayed there just a couple of weeks before you, camping right down at the fence witht the burn right behind. I couldnt believe the pics.


    • trickeyja says:

      Thanks Peter 🙂

      Yes that was certainly a dramatic night. I can’t say it was my favourite part of the trip but it was definitely one of the more memorable moments!

  2. Carol says:

    Hi, just been reading about your trip – sounds fantastic! I myself am planning to wild camp somewhere close to Mallaig so I can catch the ferry the next morning so was interested in your wild camping spot near there. Was it the road that heads north out of Mallaig that you took? Were there any houses close to the spot?

    • Sue Trickey says:

      I have just been looking through James photos and reading some of his blogs again, We have recently republished the book “A teenager, a Bike and a Camera” he wrote detailing his England to Scotland one man bike tour. James died in a tragic road traffic accident last December (2014) He was just 22 yrs. He was hit by a car while cycling. He was such an inspiration and is so missed and will always be loved.

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