Final Packing List

    Maintenance: Clothes (including wearing): General:
    • Multitool
    • Batteries
    • Puncture repair kit
    • Cords for tying things
    • Spare brake pads
    • Tape
    • 3 x spare inner tubes
    • Tyre levers
    • Pump

    Camping gear:

    • Helium 200 tent
    • Pillow
    • Bag liner
    • Sleeping bag
    • Towel
    • Cycling shorts x 2
    • Overshoes
    • Over cycling shorts
    • Short sleeved jersey x 2
    • Long sleeved jersey
    • Pyjama shorts
    • Casual shirt
    • Waterproof trousers
    • Waterproof jacket
    • 4 pairs of socks & underwear
    • Cycling shoes
    • Helmet
    • Reflective stripes
    • Waterproof cover
    • 3 x bin liners
    • Chargers for phone and camera
    • Glasses
    • Sunglasses
    • Toiletries
    • Wipes
    • Tin opener
    • Spoon, knife, fork
    • Rag
    • Lock
    • Medication
    • GPS
    • Camera
    • Stationery
    • Journal
    • Maps (OS 1:250,000)
    • Lights
    • Midge hat
    • Midge repellant
    • Drawstring bag
    • Food
My bike, fully loaded for touring

My bike, fully loaded for touring

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2 Responses to Final Packing List

  1. Mark Pittendrigh says:

    Hello, How much did your bike cost ?
    Would a standard run of the mill mountain bike be ok for a long trip – in excess of 1000 miles?

    • trickeyja says:

      My bike is Specialized Allez Elite 2008 road model which cost me £700. It’s not really a touring bike but the touring wheels I added meant it was strong enough to withstand the weight of luggage and last the distance. A standard mountain bike (what is standard?) should be fine as long as it is in good condition – a custom made touring bike is always the ideal but not always possible. A mountain bike would be slower and heavier going but then you could go over rougher terrain. If you’re going on roads you might consider fitting some narrower wheels for less rolling resistance.

      I would recommend asking for advice on the CTC (cyclist’s touring club) forum, there are some knowledgeable people there:

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